Proof of Stake

Finding consensus in a network of Nodes.

Proof of Stake Video Sample

Here you can watch a free sample coding session taken from this Proof of Stake chapter.

It is about implementing a PoS algorithm based on Lots proportionate to the validators Stake.

If you are interested in this course but you still have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

What we will cover

Chapter timeline

  1. Video 01
    Theory and Introduction to Proof of Stake
  2. Video 02
    Implement basic Proof of Stake class
  3. Video 03
    Selecting forger based on winning Lot
  4. Video 04
    Trigger Block creation
  5. Video 05
    Block creation and propagation
  6. Video 06
    Handling incoming Blocks
  7. Video 07-09
    Guarantee identical states across all Nodes